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What kind of payment methods do we accept?

We have only nets , cash terms or pay now. We do not have installment or credit.

Do you have accessories such as radio, speakers, tyre rim or air on services?

No, we do not provide them.

Do you provide modification services/tuning?

No, we do not condone or provide such services. We do however provide only street legal spray work and repair.

Do you have rental cars?

No, we do not provide them.

Do you provide tow services?

Call us now for tow services. We do provide car servicing. Locate us now for pricing and parts availability.

What if paint has some kind of issue/ Do you have warranty or guarantee?

We have on site 1 year guarantee if there's a spray defect.

What kind of paint do we use?

We use Nippon paint and have two kinds of finishes, matte or gloss.

Do we provide have spray/respray?

Of course. If your vehicle is in our hands for repair, we can spray it back. Call now or WhatsApp for quotation.

Do we have vehicle repairs?

Yes we do have repairs , call now or WhatsApp and get your quotation.

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